App Store love: Pixelmator as a Photoshop replacement

I am not a professional graphic artist by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a programmer by nature and I happen to be pretty good at user interface design as well, but I am not a creative genius when it comes to creating my own images. I will claim some level of expertise in editing images just because I have used The Gimp and Photoshop for years. Let me go ahead and throw out there that if you are allergic to horrible user interfaces, you better steer clear of The Gimp alltogether, especially on a Mac. It is horrible. And if you don’t have the money for the very expensive Adobe Photoshop, then I might have an answer for you.

I really needed an image editing tool for my iOS applications, after all, this is what attracts people to a Web site or app…the pretty, professional images. I’ve used The Gimp for years, but on the Mac is is so bad, I just gave up and went looking for a replacement. The Pixelmator was the first tool that came up and by chance it was available on the Mac App Store, so I purchased. It was really cheap, we are talking about $29 here, which is an order of magnitude cheaper than Photoshop.

After downloading the program and launching, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of the options were in the same intuitive places that Photoshop’s were, so I was off and running. I managed to create my icon for an iOS app within 15 minutes of installing. The interface is gorgeous, easy to use and it contains every feature that I use from Photoshop for the most part.

I loved this app so much that I have made it my permanent image editing tool.

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